Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Preorder instead of just waiting for the cards to ready to ship?

The most valuable reason to support the preorder is to guarantee access to this limited edition run. Once we sell out, that's it! That could very well happen before these cards even hit shelves.

Additionally, the first 100 preorders will include a free gift, and depending on when you preorder, you can enjoy 15-25% off retail pricing. Patience pays off :)


Q: When can we expect the cards to ship? 

September 1. More information about the timeline can be found on the project's home page. This estimate is based on Arynlei's past projects and generously accounts for unforeseen delays, so it is very possible the cards could ship sooner. However, for consistency, September 1st is the official date.


Q: What happens if I move before the cards ship, or need to change my shipping address?

We will create a streamlined process for updating address information and update this answer accordingly. For now, rest assured we want you to get your cards as badly as you do and will allow address updates!

That said, if you anticipate moving in the next few months, you can skip the hassle of an address update by having the cards shipped to a trusted relative or friend.


Q: Who is manufacturing the Dreamland cards?

The United States Playing Card Company. Arynlei has worked with them on card projects in the past and their quality is unmatched. They are far more known for being behind Bicycle playing cards, a globally recognized brand. They manufacture playing cards right here in the United States!


Q: What size are the cards?

These are standard size poker cards, measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches.


Q: Are the cards spill proof?

No. These cards are finished just like standard Bicycle playing cards, which means that while they are durable, vibrant, long lasting, and can stand up to a LOT of shuffling, they are NOT waterproof and should be kept dry.


Q: What size is the Uncut Deck?

The Dreamland Uncut Deck measures approximately 22 inches wide by 26.5 inches tall.


Have a question not answered above? Email :) Thanks!