Dreamland Playing Cards

A collaboration between two old friends, celebrating the planet we call home and the connections we make exploring it.

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  • April: Ramp-up Pre-Order

    This month is about funding and collaboration. Those who collect during the Ramp-Up enjoy 25% off retail in appreciation for supporting our vision so early! Your contribution will help literally bring this deck to life. We're also eager to hear your input for key design and finishing decisions. Keep an eye on our socials - @arynlei and @emilie.hofferber - to weigh in on how these cards come together.

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  • May - August: Production

    The designs are done and the cards are off to the Production Phase! 4 months is very generous estimate for how long this deck could take to make, but we want to keep expectations consistent in case of any unforeseen production delays. Updates will be shared on this site's blog, as well as our socials and via email. Pre-orderers during the Production Phase enjoy 15% off retail.

  • September: Fulfillment and Official Deck Launch!

    The cards are made, lovingly assembled, and on their way across the globe to all who pre-ordered. Any remaining inventory will be available for purchase and will ship immediately at this time. We can't wait to see where you take these special cards so be sure to tag us in your adventures with the Dreamland Deck!

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Emilie Hofferber

In 2020, Emilie bought a $13 film camera on eBay and realized she’d rather take photos than fold jeans for 60 hours a week. At the beginning of 2021, Emilie quit her retail job and moved into her Subaru to see if she could make it as a photographer. Needless to say, she did. Now, Emilie lives in a van and spends her days chasing pastel skies with her chihuahua, Margaret.

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Arynlei broke into the world of playing cards in 2022 with her viral At the Table Playing Cards series. The project, a deck of cards honoring memories made around the table, landed thousands of collectors worldwide. She has been sharing that project, educating online, and dreaming of her next deck ever since.

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A decade-old friendship

From navigating fraternity basements at DePauw University to navigating Utah’s otherworldly landscapes, Arynlei and Emilie’s friendship has been enduring. For a far too brief period in 2018 they both lived in Salt Lake City, where on an amateur level they collaborated on countless photoshoots and trips into the wilderness. In the last few years, each creative has perfected their craft and reached levels of success neither truly anticipated. These friends are now stoked to come together professionally, contributing each of their skills to a deck of playing cards worth cherishing.