Hello Dreamland!

Hello Dreamland!

Keeping this introductory post short and sweet (okay, maybe just sweet): Emilie and I are collabing on a deck of playing cards. Her photos are straight magic and I've been a huge admirer of hers for nearly as long as we've been friends!

The goal of Dreamland Playing Cards is to create something beautiful that celebrates this planet we call home. Through Emilie's often surreal lens, we get to see glimpses of the earth that make it feel like an entirely new planet. It is such a privilege to live and explore this place, and soon, carry its sights in your pocket.

Why playing cards? Simply put, they bring people together offline - it's one of the things I love most about them. We could all stand to touch a bit more grass, right?

As with my past playing card projects, a huge importance will be placed on quality and longevity of the product. I look forward to re-engaging my contacts at the United States Playing Card Company, who are best known for producing the beloved Bicycle brand playing cards, right here in the United States.

I'll also be sourcing top of the line packaging, giving this deck a luxe paper vessel that truly honors the art within (and stands up to your adventures!)

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing the creative process behind designing these cards, and I'll need your input. Here's how to get involved:

  1. Subscribe to the email list, right here on DreamlandCards.com, for early access to the pre-order. The first 100 collectors will receive a free gift. Email subscribers will receive bi-weekly project updates and zero spam, we promise.
  2. Follow @arynlei (that's me!) and @emilie.hofferber on Instagram, and join the Dreamland Broadcast Channel hosted by Emilie. This is where all of the important polls will be hosted!

That's all I have, but if you're reading this and are left with any lingering questions at all, please leave a comment!

Ciao for now - A

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